According to the CDC, On January 30, 2020, the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak a “public health emergency of international concern(PHEIC). On January 31, Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II declared a public health emergency (PHE) for the United States to aid the nation’s healthcare community in responding to COVID-19. On March 11, WHO publicly characterized COVID-19 as a pandemic. On March 13, the President of the United States declared the COVID-19 outbreak a national emergency.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). 


Let's take a look at natural alternatives we can apply to our daily lives to protect the body and prevent against this virus.  The main areas we want to focus on are: gut, immune, and respiratory health along with  making sure the body is more alkaline vs acidic.

Gut health - We've all heard the saying "sickness starts in the gut" Hippocrates, the Father of medicine stated the same thing.  Eighty percent of the immune system is found in the gut, therefore, when the gut is unhealthy, nine times out of ten, the immune system is also weak.


Ways to boost gut health:

Probiotics, probiotics are loaded with beneficial bacteria that's found in the digestive tract.  They play such a critical role in our overall health and a healthy gut can prevent against many chronic illnesses.  


If you are located in an area cannot get probiotics in your area, prepare and eat Fermented Sauerkraut and/or  other fermented fruits and vegetables.  Fermented foods have been eaten for centuries and they are amazing to improve gut health, digestion, and boost the immune system.  This will put the "good bacteria" back in the gut which is critical for overall health, especially for preventing against viruses.  Read study here on gut health.

Immune System & Respiratory Health - The immune system is the body's primary protection against diseases and viruses.  It cannot fight against any virus unless it's armed with the essentials, which are NATURAL ANTIBIOTICS.  Lets take a look at some amazing natural antibiotics that will boost the immune system while protecting the respiratory system.

Ways to boost the immune system:

Oregano is known for it's antibacterial properties, boost the immune system, improve digestion, fights free radical damage, and bacteria.  A study published in Parasitology International suggest oregano may act as a bioactive to reduce parasites in the body.

Cordyceps has been promoted as the guardian of respiratory health for more than a thousand years.  It has been used for centuries in Asia as a tonic to soothe the lung for the treatment of respiratory disease.  Read study on Cordyceps and lung fibrosis.

Mullein has been used for centuries and commonly used to treat influenza, herpes viruses, and bacteria infections.  It's also an excellent remedy for improving the lymphatic system.


Reishi Mushroom has been a staple in Eastern medicine for centuries used for boosting the immune system, viral infections, swine flu, avian flu, lung conditions including asthma and bronchitis.

Vitamin C in large dose has been shown to prevent scurvy, a diseaes that killed as many as 2 million sailors between the 1500-1800.  Vitamin C plays a major role in controlling infections and it's a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.


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