Allergic to Iodine? Not Possible...

Have you heard people say "I can't have Iodine because I'm allergic to shellfish?" Ok, lets clear the air - the truth is simple - we as humans cannot be allergic to iodine and here's why.. Iodine is one of the body's vital nutrients and it's responsible for regulating thyroid function, supporting a healthy metabolism, preventing cancer and other chronic diseases. Every cell of the body uses thyroid hormones and iodine can ONLY be obtained through the thyroid. Unfortunately, many people are deficient in iodine, which leads to poor health. Iodine is present in every organ and tissue, it's needed by almost every bodily system to keep us alive and energized. Common side effects of iodine deficiency are: severe skin problems, poor concentration, dry skin and discoloration of skin, muscle pain, weakness, increase risk for thyroid cancer, fibrosis, and fibromyalgia, and a higher risk for developmental problems in babies and children.

Now, let's get a better understanding what people are really allergic to in shellfish.. Yes, shellfish is a very serious allergy and potentially life threatening, but it is not the iodine allergy. The major allergens in shellfish are tropomyosins, and tropomyosin is a heat-stable muscle protein and it is the major allergen in shellfish and seafood, with highly homologous proteins being found in the commonly edible crustaceans. These homologies are responsible for the cross-reactive allergies observed between various types of seafood including shrimps, lobsters, and crab. Tropomyosin was first identified as a crustacean allergen and is responsible for the majority of crustacean shellfish allergies.

If we are truly allergic to iodine - why is it that these people can eat baked potato, turkey, navy beans, corn, prunes, green peas, bananas, yogurt, strawberries, cranberries, green beans, lima beans, cheese ???? All these foods also contains iodine!

Food for Thought! Iodine is essential to our health - without proper iodine in the body we simply cannot survive and live healthy lives!

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