Magnesium Benefits

Magnesium deficiency is one of the leading nutrient deficiencies in the world with an estimated 80 percent of the population being deficient. It is the fourth most abundant mineral in the body. It also resides at the center of the chlorophyll molecule, so if you rarely eat leafy green vegetables, you are likely not getting all the magnesium you need unless you're supplementing. Magnesium is vital to our health and often overlooked and rarely tested. Magnesium is found in over 300 enzymes in our entire body that's linked to every cell, tissue, bones, the brain and our organs; it is also responsible for regulating heartbeat rhythms and one of the side effects of magnesium deficient is heart disease.

Magnesium deficiency is very common for a few reasons: soil depletion, and this lowers the amount of magnesium in the crops, high rates of prescription drugs or medications as well as antibiotic use; this damages the digestive tract to the point that magnesium cannot be absorbed correctly and nutrition from foods will not be digested properly. Lastly, our plants are heavily sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and roundup - and the main ingredient in roundup is linked to cancer. We have to wonder between the depleted crops and soil, pesticides/herbicides and people over cooking their food - how much magnesium are we truly getting in our daily diet.

Here are more chronic conditions that's linked to magnesium deficiency:

- Heart Disease

- Hypertension

- Cardiovascular Disease

- Restless Leg Syndrome

- Mood swings

- Recurrent bacterial infections

- Muscle weakness and cramps

- Low Energy

- Headaches

- Weak bones


- Seizures

- Depression

-Poor digestion

- Asthma

Top Magnesium Rich Foods:

- Spinach

- Swiss Chard

- Almonds

- Pumpkin seeds

- Avocado

- Black beans

- Figs

- Banana

- Dark Chocolate

Magnesium supplements are available in a variety of forms. The absorption rate of magnesium differs depending on the kind. It has been said that magnesium in citrate, chelate and chloride forms are absorbed better than oxide and sulfate forms.

Magnesium Citrate - magnesium combined with citric acid. This form may have a laxative effect when taken in high doses.

Magnesium Chloride oil - this type can be applied to skin as well as to the scalp of the hair - it's been said that magnesium promotes healthy hair. Has also been known to promote energy and endurance to dull muscle pain.

Magnesium Glycinate - highly absorbable, this is an amino acid and the compound is called glycine. These forms are commonly found in "chelated" and all around most easily absorbed for your body. This type is recommended for anyone with a known magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium Threonate - highly absorbable since it can penetrate the mitochondrial membrane. Is known to help people who suffers from Alzheimer.

Magnesium Taurate - this is a form of elemental magnesium that has been combined with an amino acid called Taurine. Taurine is thought to be one of the most beneficial elements in helping to promote longer lifespan. It has also been known to help support heart issues.

Start today getting your magnesium in, either with food or supplementing - remember, this mineral is critical to our health!

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