Sickle Cell & Preventing Crisis

Sickle Cell Disease has been around for well over 100 years now and people are still suffering and dying in large numbers. It seems every time I look at a facebook post, someone has passed away or someone is in the ER in a pain crisis. It affects people all over the world and mostly found in people from Africa, Panama, India, South or Central America, Caribbean Islands, Mediterranean countries such as Turkey, Greece, and Italy) as well as Saudi Arabia. Majority of the people who are suffering from this painful and debilitating disease lives in Africa and to put it in perspective, Nigeria alone has 5 million people living with sickle cell disease. It has been reported that 100,000 people in the United States has sickle cell disease, although, I'm positive this number is far greater than this now. The economic cost to care for sickle cell patients in the US is approximately $475 million.

This is mind blowing to me, giving the fact that doctors are only treating symptoms and not the root cause and this is the main reason why so many are still suffering. You cannot treat symptoms and think people will get better, it will not happen. My son tried that route for an entire year and he constantly was hospitalized every 2-3 months with crisis and then the blood transfusions started. Although people who are taking hydroxyurea may feel better and may not have as many crisis, you must understand that taking a cancer medication long term is NOT the healthiest way to go. We cannot continue to put toxins and chemicals in the body on a daily basis and believe this is ok. Many may say how can I say this... I can say this because my son is living proof that a person can have quality of life, can have a pain free life, can play sports, can travel and live and enjoy life to the fullest. And not just my son, there's thousands and thousands of other kids, adults, infants, and teenagers living the same testimony as myself all over the globe. Another thing to understand is my son has not taken any western drugs or over the counter medication in over 7 years, he's only taken plant medicine, herbs and vitamins; so his system is completely detoxed. When a person who has been on medications for years start the natural route, you have to understand the body must detox. You will not necessarily immediately start feeling GREAT and pain free the first day, the body has to go through a detox process to remove and push all the toxins out of the body. When a person starts eating plant based foods and taking herbs, the job of the herbs are to force toxins out and start the healing process. If toxins are released too quickly you can definitely feel extremely tired, sluggish, frequent urination, irritable, mild stomach pains, mild joint pain to name a few; if toxins are released slowly, you may not feel as bad; and you are on the road to a new lease on life!

We have to get back to what our great great grand parents did, we must go back to plant medicine or as they called it in the old days "home remedies" - home remedies really do work! It's plant medicine and has been used for centuries dating back as far as 5,000 years ago. It was good then and it's still good today. God has not changed, when He said the herbs are for the heling of the nation, we must believe this.

How has my son and all the other thousands of people all over the world living pain free lives? It's simple, we don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on narcotics, fluids, hydroxyurea and antibiotics.. all we need is Even Flo, this is an all natural supplement that manages and treats the "root cause" in sickle cell. When we treat the root cause from a holistic standpoint, the body will heal completely without harsh side effects. And always, we must aim to eat healthy on a daily basis; such as lots of leafy green vegetables, fruit, raw unsalted nuts, sprouted grains, organic chicken, turkey and wild caught fish, spring water, coconut water. Things to stay away from, and this goes for everyone, even people that does not have sickle cell. Stay away from white sugar, artificial sweeteners, soda, pork and red meat that contains nitrites, nitrates, and antibiotics, processed foods, all conventional dairy products, fried foods etc.. can you splurge sometimes? of course, it's not what you eat one day out of the week, but more so, make sure to eat the right foods the remainder of the week.

We have to educate ourselves, Knowledge is Power, but only if we apply it.

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