Sickle Cell Trait - My Tragic Story!

We've all heard the line "if you have sickle cell trait, you are just a carrier and you will never have any complications" sounds familiar? Well, I was told the same thing over 25 years ago from a doctor in Shreveport, LA.

This is my story: I received a medical discharge from the United States Army Reserves in 1992 and shortly after, I received a letter from the Army informing me that I have a fatal blood disease and I must see a doctor ASAP! I was horrified and so confused - I made an appointment with the doctor and showed him the letter and his words were "have you ever had pain constantly? and I replied "just mild pain in my legs and arms" and he said "you're just a carrier and I have nothing to worry about" so, needless to say, I was thrilled and went on with life and never looked back - then in 2008 after giving birth to my second child, I suffered congested heart failure. No one really knew why ~ my doctor just told me not to get pregnant again because if this happens again, I may not pull through. Well, we didn't listen and I got pregnant for the 3rd time in 2010 and after I gave birth to my third child, a week later, I had sickle cell pain crisis in both arms and both legs, I was in ICU - I had congested heart failure, fluid around my heart, fluid around my lungs, high blood pressure, pneumonia, I had to have a blood transfusion, I was on oxygen and the doctors told my family that my organs may shut down if things continue to progress. Doctors had done all they could do, and my condition was not improving.

But GOD~

God had other plans for me in this life - He pulled me through this terrible ordeal and today - I live to tell my story about having the trait. The truth is people can die from having the trait, there have been several pro athletes as well as high school and college athletes who have died from "sickle cell trait" and these are the ones that were reported in the news media and I'm pretty sure there has been more cases. When a person is over exerting their bodies or putting stress on the body, the body can be deprived of oxygen, red blood cells can start to take on the "sickled" shape and women can surely have complications during and/or after pregnancy if they have the trait. Sure, the statistics of sickle cell trait deaths is nowhere near the statistics of people who has SS and other more severe forms such as SD, SE, or Sickle Beta Thalassemia; but the point of this story is - it can happen. So, if you have the trait and you notice you are fatigue all the time, or you have mild aches and pains in your legs and/or arms, if you are easily exhausted and out of breath - this may be happening due to sickle cell trait.

Things you can do to improve your health are: eat plenty organic leafy green vegetables and as much plant-based foods as you can for all the healing properties and benefits are in plant-based foods. If you have a hard time eating healthy, try supplementing liquid chlorophyll. Liquid chlorophyll is found in ALL leafy green vegetables and is very similar to humans hemoglobin, the only difference is the center atom. The center atom for hemoglobin is iron and the center atom for chlorophyll is magnesium!

Here is more information on sickle cell trait and athletes:

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