The Corona box is all you need to kick that nasty virus!  The only way to starve a virus is to: boost the gut, boost the immune system, and alkaline the body.  These 7 products will for sure replenish the body to give it everything it needs for optimum health!  These high-quality products will boost the gut, boost the immune system, and the sea moss which is packed with 92 amazing minerals!!! And finally, D3 is a hormone people of color struggle with having enough of, because we do not get it from the sun, it’s IMPORTANT, we supplement!  D3 also plays a part in boosting the immune system.  One cannot take D3 without taking Vitamin K2 and magnesium!! Is to why I have combined all 3 in one capsule!! 

This box is designed to take aggressively for 4 days!!  REFRIGERATE SEA MOSS GEL AFTER RECEIVING.

*If you have questions while taking the regimen, please do not hesitate to email me:



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