Cleavis, Louisiana

I met Tamika when I was in the worst pain of my life , dealing with arthritis.  I was taking medication from the doctor and nothing was working.  Tamika helped me with proper nutrition and what to cut out of my diet and started me on vital supplements to help and today I haven't had anymore pain!

Allison, North Carolina
Bo, Louisiana

Tamika is the most nicest, kindest person and she takes time to understand your situation and always ready to help.  I was suffering from Liver disease and was on medications for years.  Just a few short weeks after working with Tamika, I went back to the doctor and my labs have all cleared up and I received a clean bill of health!

Jennifer, Texas
CiCi, Canada

When I was told my daughter was diagnosed with the most severe type of sickle cell (SS), I felt lost, discouraged, and clueless about what was to come and how to prepare for it.  I spent hours on the internet searching for answers, and fell on Tamika's blog.  Since finding out about her story that there truly was hope for a healthy life for my daughter, free of pain and suffering, I've never stopped thanking God for Tamika.  She is truly an angel to me and because of God's work through her, my daughter has never been hospitalized and is growing beautifully.  Thank you Tamika!

Mary, Baltimore

Tamika is my Sickle Cell Advocate/Mom Advocate!  I have a 3 year old son that has type SC Sickle Cell Disease. When I found out about my son having sickle cell, I was sadden and felt guilty.  I felt guilty for giving him the disease and didn't know what to do.  I did research on how sickle cell and the things I saw were scary.  Then I prayed to God to show me HIS way of healing my son.  Then I found Tamika's page online and on facebook.  I saw her book about ways to naturally heal the body and manage sickle cell.  I knew this was the answer to my prayers.  I purchased Tamika's book and it gave a lot of insight of all that I needed to know of how to help my son.  Today, my son is a healthy 3 year old that loves to stay active.  Thank you Tamika for using your voice to save lives and making people healthier.  Now I want to also share with the world the knowledge she has given me to help other mothers and families that feel there is no hope for sickle cell.  There is life with sickle cell!

I was suffering from Lupus for over 4 years and I came across Tamika's website and decided to consult with her about my condition.  She was very caring and took time to explain everything from my diet changes and important supplements to help my body to heal.  I started on her regimen and in a matter of 3 weeks I was feeling so much better, I had energy, my joints were not sore anymore and I also began back working out.  I went for my routine check up in three months and the doctors were amazed at my blood work.  He stated I had greatly improved and whatever I was doing to keep it up!  Thank you Tamika - I feel like a new person. 

I've been a diabetic for the past 20 years, I was tired of taking the medications because through the years, I saw my health going downhill more and more.  I came across Tamika's website and reached out to her, set up a consultation and she was the most pleasant and kindest person to work with.  She took the time to go over my meal plans and the important supplements that I should be taking to reverse and manage my diabetes.  She didn't only focus on diabetes, but she she also focused on my overall health and wellness and suggested other supplements I should also include in my daily regimen.  Today, my sugar ranges from 130-150 and my A1C ranges between 5.2 and 5.9

Shortly after my son was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia, I began to look for a solution.  I had learned of many people who lived long enough with terminal illnesses and are manageable with traditional natural medicine such as herbs.  I began searching for an answer to my son's health problems.  Not long, I came across Mrs Tamika Moseley's book.  It stands out amongst the others I previously read.  That caught my attention to seek her out.  I went over her numerous you tube videos, website information and consulting.  With all this information, I can strongly say my sons sickle cell illness is under control and the panicking we felt at the beginning has gradually went away.  I recommend anybody having or know anyone suffering from sickle cell anemia to pick up the book from Amazon and consult with Mrs Tamika Moseley.  This will save you months, even years of struggling with this disease or with a family member.

Nzoh, Las Vegas

Marsha, Dallas, TX

In 2007, I was diagnosed with stage breast cancer, I had a left masectomy with chemo therapy and I thought all was ok.  In Sept 2018, I thought I had bad allergies and I went to the doctor and found out that I had fluid on my lungs, and mass behind my chest bone and found out the same cancer had returned and I was devastated.  I was weak, short of breath, I lost weight, I was nauseated and the doctor gave me these chemo pills to take but I still didn't feel right.  My daughter referred me to Tamika and what a God send.  She started me on this regimen of herbs, and I'm  a nurse and we were taught about western medicine and  I was skeptical.  But I started taking the herbs with her encouragement and it has done wonders.  I had one liter of fluid around the lining of my lung the doctor were taken off my lungs and I was going every week to get that much taken off.  I went back the 3rd week and they only removed 250cc's which is 1/4 of a liter.  Today I am doing great, I feel good, the doctors are amazed at my recovery.  I had a petscan 3 months later and there's no activity of cancer!  I thank God for Tamika, she is definitely a God send.

In 2017, my PSA was 43, the doctors

wanted to do surgery and I wasn't completely comfortable with that decision.  I consulted with Tamika, she started me on an herbal regimen to lower my prostate number.  After taking the regimen for 2 months, my PSA dropped to 25.  I am very excited to see this.  I will continue on my regiment and eventually will be back in the single digits.  Tamika is just a wealth of knowledge and I'm so happy I met her.

Paul, Seattle, WA
Donald, Seattle, WA

I have been having severe knee pain to the point where I could not hardly walk, holding the rails going down the stairs and I love to dance.  I was not able to dance too much anymore.  I consulted with Tamika and I am so thrilled that I did.  She started me on a regimen of herbs and vitamins along with help clean up my diet.  Today, I have no pain in my knees, i'm dancing more now and enjoying life.  Thank you Tamika

Carmen, Seattle, WA

I was having a very hard time breathing, I couldn't walk far without being out of breath.  Pains in my back, and my heart was failing, only 23% of my heart was working.  I heard Tamika speak at The Washington House and I was blown away with the information she shared.  She's very knowledgeable and has a different understanding on how to heal the body.  I consulted with Tamika and after being on the regimen for only 2 months, I went back to the doctor for my check up (and at this appt, the doctor was ready to install the defibrillator), after my checkup, my heart is now working 35% and in 6 months, my heart is now working at 45%, needless to say, the doctor was very happy!  I feel much better, I'm breathing better, I'm able to walk longer distance without being out of breath.  Tamika is truly a life saver.

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